The Joyfull Woman is a powerful and nourishing 10-week group coaching programme designed to guide you into deeper self-connection. This connection will enable you to meet yourself where you are with the compassion and empathy necessary to get yourself get unstuck and start living a life that feels like yours.  


This is for high achieving women like you, that are realising they have outgrown their current pattern of behaviour but are being held back by old habits and long held limiting beliefs.  


“Then the day came when I realised that I’d outgrown my life but was being held back by old habits and beliefs.  

This awakening led to the most peaceful liberation.  

Freedom is no longer on my horizon.  It’s here inside me where it’s been patiently waiting for me to stand still long enough to feel its embrace”. ~ Tamu Thomas.


This programme is an opportunity for you to slow down and assess what has got you this far.  It’s an investment that will support you to release the traction of your old story by reducing autopilot and taking ownership of your life.  It’s time to enjoy the journey towards your goals rather that travelling at speed or coasting without appreciating where you are now or acknowledging the distance you have travelled.


People around you may say have a lot to be grateful for. Logically this makes total sense and you are grateful, but your body is just not feeling it. Your logic cannot rationalise your feelings any longer.  Your feelings know the truth, mind and body are disconnected you struggle to make sense of your emotions because your actions are not aligned with your true calling to lean into who you are now. The people around you just don’t get it… and they don’t have to. Only you do.

It’s time to stop confusing yourself with societal standards and the things you think you should be doing.  Your intuition is crying out for something more, but you’re making yourself ill by dismissing your feelings and choosing to be ‘strong’ and push through.


You’ve tried to quell the calls of your intuition with more work, more productivity, more achievement, more giving, in fact over giving. Constantly busy proving your worth, demonstrating how valuable you are, that you are enough. Yet you are frequently resentful because your contribution is rarely acknowledged. 


Question – are you acknowledging yourself? 

You may read the books, listen to the podcasts, sign up for the free trials and challenges.


You try how to’s, the affirmations - I love and accept myself, I am enough…


But it’s not enough and never will be because you are stifling yourself.  Hooked onto the story that that doing more will at some point lead to you feeling satisfied, joyful and at peace. However, the more you do the more of a vacuum you create inside yourself.


You feel lost like you are standing outside yourself and can’t find the entrance. This increases the stuck feeling and feeds the burn out. Lethargy, emotional exhaustion, irritability, hopelessness, detachment in personal relationships and the sense of dread that looms in the background become constant toxic companions. Yet you keep stifling your emotions and pushing through, compromising your immune system and mental fitness because this is all you know, all you were taught, this is what was role modelled for you.


You know so much but not enough to get unstuck and this is frustrating AF.

This is not for you if:


  • You are willing to ‘make do’ or are merely seeking ways to feed productivity addiction.  This is about conscious creation.

  • You are not prepared to take action and challenge yourself to detach from your limiting beliefs. This is not a space for you if you are unable to give yourself the grace of being a learner and give yourself the opportunity to engage in deep learning that precipitates transformation.

  • You are unable to commit to weekly coaching video calls and tasks.

  • You like the idea of change more than taking action.

  • You think that coaching can be used in place of psychotherapeutic support or counselling.

  • You want to take a #goodvibesonly approach and avoid discomfort.

  • You want a quick fix.

This is for you if:

You are ready to be more energised because you have created a grounding foundation of joy?  A foundation of joy that impacts you from the inside and ripples outward to your outlook, relationships, work and fun, yes FUN remember that!

This is for you if you would like to understand what your body and emotions are telling you without judging yourself.

How would life feel if you were working towards preempting your bodies cues and creating a life that supports you and your goals?

The Joyfull Woman programme has been created for busy high achievers just like you.  During the 10 week programme you will be supported to soothe and connect with yourself from a place of serenity.  You will be guided to create a connection so deep that you will have no choice but to be guided by your own North Star.


During the ten-week online programme Tamu will provide powerful transformative coaching alongside practical action steps.  These steps will underpin your transformation with the habits necessary to change your life.  You will be supported to observe yourself with compassion; from the parts that light you up to the parts you usually try to avoid – spoiler alert, the real magic is in what you are trying to avoid.  


This deepened level of acceptance will enable you to understand that your limiting beliefs (and strengths) are parts of you rather than defining factors that keep you stuck.

We will unpack limiting beliefs and create practical, supportive tools to keep them contained, not suppressed allowing you to create space to expand into the version of you that is emerging.


At the end of the programme you will feel nourished, calm and grounded, equipped with the tools necessary to give yourself the support and care you would give your best friend.  You will be supported to feel at peace with yourself without feeling compelled to prove yourself with busyness and productivity or over-care to demonstrate your worth. 


You will learn how to nourish yourself, mind, body and spirit so that you can go from surviving to thriving.

My intention is to help you to cultivate a grounding joyful foundation that will provide you with the grit and grace to navigate through challenges and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Places on this programme are very limited, this is about deep connection and me serving you powerfully. One of the places have gone to a dreamboat woman and I have calls scheduled with prospective group members.

This isn’t about reading and knowing it’s about feeling and doing 💓. This is about calm, soothing human connection ✨✨.

There is no challenge, no webinar. No taking 10 steps when you could take one. 

Time is precious.

If any of these words have sparked an interest lets have a clarity call. There are no links to purchase on this page, the clarity call will help us decided if we are a good fit.

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