Three Sixty Conversations with Suzy Ashworth on judgement, jealousy and money mindset.

After a bit of a hiatus I’m back and I’m really glad to be here!  Today I am joined by Suzy Ashworth.  Suzy is a mindset and business coach and so much more.  She is a mother of three, a keynote speakerand Hay House Author. Listen here.


In this conversation Suzy and I discuss, judgement, jealousy and money mindset.  I heard Suzy talk about jealousy in such a way I immediately wanted to hear more and look at the links between judgement and jealousy.  Suzy is a total badass with money mindset work so I was keen to add this to the discussion.  We talk about the ways jealousy and judgment show up, particularity in the online world where we falsely believe we know people based on their social media time line!  We also talk about money and wellness, lets face it you cannot thrive if you are anxious about being able to pay bills!


If you use instagram or facebook I implore you to connect with Suzy, she shares her knowledge generously and her joy is infectious!