In Conversation with Sally Beaton on logic and productivity v feelings and pleasure.

Image: Ollie Weait

Image: Ollie Weait

Welcome to episode 7!  In this episode I chat to Sally Beaton,  women’s holistic nutritionist, life coach and founder of Women with Sparkle.  Sally supports women to really listen to themselves and respond to our bodies warning lights rather than ‘push through’ to depletion or illness.  Sally shares information about our periods (the fifth vital sign of health) and how we need to adapt our routines in line with our monthly cycles.  Sally mentioned a useful app called My Flo Tracker which provides useful information about your body’s needs throughout your cycle which should help you to manage hormonal shifts. Listen here.


We talk about what pleasure means to women and how we can create moments of pleasure in our daily lives to support our wellbeing.  From a cup of green tea in a beautiful cup and saucer enjoyed without interruption for five minutes, mindfully appreciating the flavour / texture to dinner served on your best crockery eaten at the table rather than mindlessly eating infant of the TV.  Sally suggests practical ways to max up our pleasure and tune into what our bodies are telling us.


Sally has a blog which is a really useful resource for all things women’s health and wellness.  You can access it here.  I hope you find this conversion as useful as I did!



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