In Conversation with Yvonne Telford on digging deep and stepping into feeling powerful.

Welcome to episode 4 of Three Sixty Conversations.  In this episode Yvonne Telford and I discuss digging deep to address buried issues that prevented her from living her best life.  Yvonne candidly shares how owning her truth gave her power, became a source of inspiration for other women and organically became the cornerstone of the Kemi Telford brand. Listen here.


Yvonne Telford’s story began in 2015 when she created a parenting blog called KemiKidswhich was a space for Yvonne to share her journey as a full-time mother of two girls. In 2016 Yvonne decided to take KemiKids a step further by teaching herself graphic design, and producing her first twenty tote bags which quickly sold out! This encouraged Yvonne to design more products, and the Kemi Telford brand was born.


This conversation is full of powerful gems on having your own business, identity, being able to say no, boundaries and staying in your lane!  Enjoy.

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