Three Sixty Conversations with Emma Paton on mindful shopping.

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This is episode  17 and I am joined by Emma Paton known as @finalyfox on social media.  Emma had a career in fashion working as a buyer for fashion brand Boden.  She started a blog about children’s fashion after the birth of her first child.  This blog evolved and now includes children and women’s fashion alongside interiors. 


Emma left her career after having her second child which meant she had more time for blogging which has led to influencer marketing.  Emma uses her platform to help primarily mothers but also women in general find stylish clothes that that work for their multifaceted life.  Think pieces that work for the school run, corporate environments and socialising.


Emma is definitely one of the bloggers that I find helpful when it comes to fashion.  I love the conversations she is having about ethical and sustainable fashion as it is inclusive and accessible she highlights emerging and independent brands making purchasing unusual and at times quirky pieces easier.  Emma has recently written a blog post about becoming a more conscious consumer you can read that here.  

We talk about fashion blogging being a service for people that do not have the time and or interest for shopping but still want to purchase items that make them feel good.  Emma shares her #finlayfoxshops posts on social media showing people what is available on the hughstreet and how to style them. This is really useful as real women have the opportunity to see a real woman in the clothes they like giving women a realistic image of what garments look like on the body of a woman that looks like them rather than a petite model.  I really like Emma’s style and content as I spend a lot of time at home in comfy clothes with limited time for shopping the service she provides enables me to be more discerning and buy things I love rather than bags of bargains and higher priced pieces that will never see the light of day! I am also one of many people that are in love with her bathroom tiles!


We talk about influencer marketing, learning to focus on your engaged community rather than the odd negative comment and the effectiveness of planning your work!  Emma talks candidly about transitioning from her career in fashion to becoming a fashion blogger which included discussions with her husband to ensure they had the finances to support going from a stable income to a career that doesn’t have any clear rules. We also discuss my (former) pet hate of the description “true to size” often used by fashion bloggers!  Emma explains how this is useful for people that aren’t able to try the clothes on before they buy… so I’ve turned my ego down and can see the benefit!


Emma shares some insights on how fashion can be used to support wellbeing for mothers of young children as it assists in retaining a piece of yourself and your identity during a time that revolves around the intensity of caring for small children.

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Joeli Brearley @pregnant_then_screwed

Sara Tasker @me_and_orla

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