Three Sixty Conversations with Karen Arthur on wearing your happy.

Welcome to episode 9.  I am joined by the über talented Karen Arthur bespoke women’s wear fashion designer, author and boss lady in charge at Reddskin. Listen here.

Karen describes herself as a 56 year old woman of Barbadian descent, fashion designer, a sewing tutor, trained dance teacher, and the mother of two grown women. 

Karen was a full time secondary school teacher for twenty-eight years and a Pastoral Leader for fifteen of those. She has been sewing for over 40 years and creates beautiful handmade clothing for women who want to stand out. Karen also teaches people of all ages to fall in love with their sewing machine (I am looking at the one that has been under my bedside table for four years.)… Karen has been able to live beyond a history that has involved abuse and used what she has learned to become a positive mental health advocate.  Karen describes kicking Depression to the curb a few years ago and  having the occasional spar with Anxiety. She uses fashion to make conscious clothing choices every single day to help her mental well-being.

Karen is focused on building a legacy in Fashion with an emphasis on beautifully handmade, colour focused clothing for women who, like herself, are not afraid to stand up and stand out #wearyourhappy

In this episode we have a varied and nurturing conversation about things ranging from morning routines, creating a legacy for our children, identity, charging what you are worth, focusing inwards and cultivating our happy.

Karen will be teaching two workshops at the Knitting and Stitching show this year in  Olympia. One making a reversible. Discount tickets are available using the code TUTOR31 at checkout. Info here.

Wear Your Happy LIVE: An evening with friends' is on Thursday 8th November 2018. 7pm -10pm at Space at 61.  Early bird tickets are £25 and then £35 after that.  You can purchase tickets here.

Karen has written her first e-book 8 Ways to Wear Your Happy. Its a gorgeous simple but effective guide to dressing to life your mood.  You can read more about that here or buy the book here.

She also has a cute creativity walk even on 28/10/18.  You can check it out here.

The book I referred to The Shadow Effect: Illuminating The Hidden Power of Your True Self can be found here



The second Three Sixty Day Retreat takes place on Saturday at the cosy Clapton Laundry, London.  Tickets and information here.  The first one sold out so… you know.