Three Sixty Conversations with Ronke Lawal on multi identity and social media discernment

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Welcome to episode 36 where I am talking to PR maven, business woman extraodinare Ronke Lawal, founder of Ariatu PR.

I thought we were going to talk about PR, my intention was to talk to Ronke about the juxtaposition of having a multi identity and professionalism in a world where White, middle class and beyond are the default for all things professional due to systematic racism, followed by a conversation on the mindset necessary to be ready of PR. However the multi identity piece was huge. We didn’t get to all the places but we got deep, soulful and honest. It was a really enriching conversation.

Ronke and I shared our experience as black women that have seen our parents climb the social ladder from working class living in inner city social housing to ascending career ladders and lifestyles. We discuss how this has impacted our outlook and the ways we have learnt to navigate spaces that were not built for us. We also discussed the residual effect of a social mobility for example becoming middle class and feeling guilty for it or holding on to a mindset of struggle when the struggles of being in a low socio-economic group are no longer apparent.

I love Ronke’s twitter, I am not joking I am a straight up fan. Tap here to see why. So I was totally having a fan girl moment in this chat. We talked about the power of social media in terms of providing a platform for people to be heard and the peril of living in an information sharing age where there seems to be little regard for the impact of what is being shared. Ronke and I shared our views on the way it seems like trauma is at times being traded for clout.

Ronke has a website and youtube channel that are full of really useful resources for all things PR, business and mindset. You can check them out here and here. You can check out Ronke’s PR company Ariatu PR here.

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