Three Sixty Conversations with Gail Marra on embracing your feelings and communicating with your subconscious.

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Welcome to episode  35 today I am joined by Gail MarraHypnotherapist.


Gail built a successful career in the city.  She had the lifestyle, she had it all and was coping well… until she didn’t.  Life presented some challenges which started to take their toll on Gail’s ability to manage it all.


Gail turned to hypnotherapy when she began to suffer from heart palpitations, insomnia, migraines and panic attacks as the bio-medical model addressed the symptoms but not the cause.  After one day Gail was able to quit her 20 cigarette a day smoking habit and felt that something had shifted.


This experience led Gail to study stress management, psychology and clinical hypnotherapy.  Gail is an accredited hypnotherapist with clinics in Harley Street and Tunbridge Wells.


In this episode Gail shares what Hypnotherapy is and how it can assist us to make rapid transformation. Gail also shares information on the power of breath and breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing to change our brain chemistry and physiology.  Gail talks about how we can soothe our Parasympathetic nervous system and explains the function of the Vagus nerve.  I was in my element, Gails knowledge made sense of things I’ve known or practiced but not fully understood.


Gail talked powerfully about allowing your self to feel your feelings AND take responsibility for your emotions. Her explanation of how our brains work and limiting beliefs had my brain going into overdrive.

This quote from Gail’s instagram sparked a conversation about the power of embracing the season you are in rather than hankering for what was before.

There is a creature called a caterpillar who works on one level and one day it knows its time to go inside and change - when it emerges it’s a beautiful butterfly.  

 This was a really nourishing conversation, Gail is so nurturing and knowledgeable I could have listened to her all day.

People/ resources mentioned:

Course in Miracles

Wayne Dyer – Your Erroneous Zones

Steve Peters - Chimp Paradox

Dr Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief

Access Gail Marra’s 1 minute breath meditation here.


Read a bit more about what Gail does hereand connect with her on social media here.  Gail’s website includes a blog with a wide range of useful information and articles around hypnotherapy, psychology and personal development.  Check that out here.

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