Three Sixty Conversations with Eli Trier on redefining community.

Eli trier, asd spectrum, introverted, quiet revolutionary

Welcome to episode 34! I am joined by the ultimate Quiet Revolutionary, Eli Trier founder of Eli Trier Communities. Eli believe’s that fostering authentic, human connections with like-minded people is the fastest, easiest and most heart-centred way to build a business.

Eli describes herself as an introvert and has been assessed as being on the Autistic Spectrum, she shares what this means for her in terms of relationship building and creating work that works for her. In this episode we discuss the power of building connections and relationships that leave you feeling full rather than drained which is very important for introverts or people with characteristics that mean they require a more gentle and connected communication style.

Eli shares the benefit of having the courage to not fit in and create spaces where you can be your whole self rather than consuming your energy by trying to conceal parts that may be misunderstood.

We also discuss strategies for organising community projects that are personalised and have a meaningful impact.

Resources/ people mentioned:

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

The art of Gathering - Priya Parker

Company of One

Eli is has a group programme about building a network online you can get more information here.

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