Three Sixty Conversations with Donna Noble

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Welcome to episode 33 where I am talking to Donna Noble ( @donnanobleyoga). Donna left her city career as an IT Manager in a top 5 law firm to become a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, NLP master coach, blogger, writer and body positive advocate (@curvesomeyoga). Oh and she has a YouTube channel with over 11k subscribers!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Donna started practicing yoga in the 1990’s and found her practice to be a key part of her healing after she was affected by stress induced Bells Palsy in 2005. Donna shares how Bells Palsy helped her to appreciate that beauty is far deeper than the way we look and the need for inclusivity. For Donna inclusivity is way more than a display for external validation.
Donna shares her take on the harmful narrative of diet culture and the way it can create a disconnect between mind and body. Donna shares the importance of reframing the way we talk and think about bodies. Donna encourages us to express gratitude for the ways our bodies are constantly supporting us rather than being critical because they don’t fit into a fictitious media beauty standard.
We talk about the need for inclusivity in wellness spaces (life in general) as all humans have a right to thrive. This discussion includes Donna being an advocate for body inclusivity in wellness and the push back she occasionally experiences as she is slim.
Donna has a retreat coming up next month information here.

Resources/ people mentioned:

Anya Hayes - @mothers.wellness.toolkit

Lisa Riley

Linda Bacon - Health at Every Size

Marianne Williamson

Dana Falsetti

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