Three Sixty Conversations with Annie Ridout on investing in your story.

Annie Ridout, the freelance mum, female founder, Forbes. sharmadean Reid ,

Welcome to episode 32!  I am joined by the magnificent (and I really mean that) Annie Ridout, journalist, published author, speaker, entrepreneur and co-founder of the awesome @clementineappuk app.

We had a nourishing conversation on the transition from being employed to freelancing to becoming an entrepreneur. We also talk about mindset,  and the need for women to consider spending on their development as an investment rather than spending.  Annie shares how valuing our stories can become leverage. 

Annie’s husband has recently become involved with her online business, we talk about the impact this is having on their life.  We also talked about sex in long term relationship pondering over the frequency, intention and whether there is enough space for daily sex!

Annie also talked about her EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO LIST - a list where she wrote down all the things she would like to accomplish).  At the end I share that I am going to write my list and put it above my desk, I do have long term plan and a vision board but I do not have a succinct list in my eye line daily. I invite you to do the same, take a picture and tag @annieridout and I @livethreesixty as we’d love to see this in action (you can cover up/ blur the writing we don’t need to know the details).  I will send some positive energy to your list #womensupportingwomen and all that!

Annie has some great courses coming up in the next few weeks, they are linked on my website, head over to the link in my bio and you’ll find it under the ‘podcast’ tab.  You’ll also find the links to listen to the episode.

People, books, resources mentioned:

@clementineappuk - Clementine App

@step_dontbuyherflowers - Steph Douglas

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

Lean in - Sheryl Sandberg

Thrive - Ariana Huffington

Late in the day - Tessa Hadley

Annie shares that one of her favourite words is, “mellifluous” - (of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear) eg, "her low mellifluous voice".

Here are links to Annie’s current courses: How to secure your own press coverage starting on 03/06/19 and Becoming your own boss starting on 03/06/19.

You can buy Annie’s book, The Freelance Mum here.

You can check out Annie’s blog, website, writing or connect with her on instagram!


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