Three Sixty Conversations with Steph Douglas on motherhood, partnership and taking incremental steps.

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Welcome to episode 30!! I am joined by Steph Douglas, founder of thoughtful gift company, Don’t Buy Her Flowers. We have a wide ranging conversation about motherhood, partnership and taking incremental steps.

Steph is a human with her own needs (we tend to leave this bit out!), mother to three children aged between 1 and 8 years old, wife and founder of a blossoming company. Steph had the idea for her company after giving birth in 2010. Steph shares that she was given a number of bunches of flowers to celebrate becoming a mother, although she loved the flowers she couldn’t help but think that the gift for new mothers could be more thoughtful. After a few years of sitting on her idea launched her company in 2014. Don’t Buy Her Flowers started off as a company of one in Steph’s kitchen and has grown to become a company with 7 in house staff, some freelance support and a head office!

In addition to her company Steph has a significant following in instagram, during this episode we talk about her showing up as she is and using her space to share the behind the scenes aspects of running a business and candid glimpses of family life. Steph shares her stressful entry to motherhood due to her husband being diagnosed and treated for cancer at the same time and seeking counselling to ensure that her and her husband were in the best emotional space to support their growing family and their marriage.

Steph shares some gems about how she keeps her focus in her business and how her and her husband make marriage work for them #bemoreDoug!

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