Three Sixty Conversations with Liz Stanford on better births and a forgiveness mindset

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Welcome to episode 26!


Today I am chatting to Liz Stanford (new) owner of The Calm Birth School founded by Suzy Ashworth.  The Calm Birth school (TCBS) is a four week antenatal video program, training women and their birth partners to create calm, joyful births from anywhere in the world.  The Calm Birth School was a huge disruptor in the birthing world being the first digital hypnobirthing programme.  TCBS is an antidote to the over medicalised narrative around birth.


During this conversation Liz and I discuss what it has been like to take over an established business and how she is making it her own.  Liz shares that she sought out hypnobirthing during her first pregnancy as she was terrified of giving birth, she knew that she wanted to do something that gave her a sense of control and peace so that she could have a birth experience that wasn’t characterised by pain and anxiety. Hypnobirthing introduced Liz to the mind body connection which enabled her to have a calm pregnancy and birth where she felt in tune with her body and able to be the best version of herself. This experience has filtered out into the rest of Liz’ life enabling her to be more patient with herself and the transformation she is experiencing in her life.

Liz and I share our birth experiences including how culture and society impact birth. Liz shares her experience of postnatal depression and how she used EFT to manage her symptoms and deal with the feelings and emotions underpinning her depression. Liz also shares how EFT continues to support her when she feels stuck in any area of her life. We also talk about the importance of normalising discussions about depression.

We also have a beautiful conversation about forgiveness being a significant part of her mindset work that allows her to be the highest expression of herself and supports her to serve the hypnobirthing practitioners she supports and her community.    

Resources/ people mentioned:

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Suzy Ashworth

Nicola Rae Wickham

Denise Duffield Thomas

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

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You can check out The Calm Birth School here, explore their Calm Birth School training here. You can keep up with Liz over on instagram by clicking here!