Three Sixty Conversations with Avni Trivedi on connecting mind and body through touch.

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Avni Trevedi is an experienced Osteopath, Doula and Zero-Balancer.   Her approach brings together East and West, bridging the relationship between body and mind, a very Three Sixty approach if you will!

Avni’s work includes using the healing power of touch to work on the body and energy system to provide holistic treatment that enables deeper connection. This approach assists with getting to the root of the issue rather than focusing on the symptoms.

In this conversation Avni and I talk about learning to listen to your body when you are a busy high achiever with lots of personal and professional responsibility.  When life and work is really loud we can’t hear our bodies giving us clues and physical niggles are ignored until they become issues.

Avni shares some tips to support busy high achievers create space to allow themselves to listen to and act on what their body is communicating.   We also explore how this can support us to stop pathologising ourselves in linear medical models that tend to compartmentalise.  I referred being in forums for women in their 40’s and the number of threads where women talked about thinking they were depressed but finding out it was actuality a vitamin/ mineral deficiency. 

This was a really nourishing conversation that demonstrates the ways we can incorporate really supportive self care daily.

Things, people, resources mentioned:

Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss

The Wild Woman's Way - Michaela Boehm

3 tips we can apply immediately for stronger mind body connection:

  1. Indulge the senses with texture, for example fabrics/ lotions and oils that feel good on the skin.

  2. Have time in nature daily and if this is not possible get plants for example low maintenance plants like Cactus

  3. Make washing a mindful daily ritual taking time to acknowledge your body as you cleanse it.

You can keep up with Avni here and here. Avni will be delivering a workshop on trying to conceive at the Fertility Fest in April 2019 details here and a workshop about moving through loss on November details here.

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