Three Sixty Conversations with Jette Virdi on revolutionising periods.

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Welcome to episode 23.  Today I’m joined by Jette Virdi, founder of the brand new period product subscription service Ilo which officially launches tomorrow 8th March 2019, international women’s day.  


Ilo is a brand that is committed to providing healthy sanitary products and revolutionising the conversations about periods across the world.  Ilo tampons and sanitary pads are made from chemical free organic cotton or bamboo.  The subscription is priced affordably AND each subscription assists Ilo to provide free sanitary products for people that have periods as well as providing sanitary products to people across the globe experiencing period poverty.   Ilo also contributes to a charity that addresses the impact of plastic  waste in the Ocean.  Jette is on a mission to provide safe period products for all.  


In this conversation Jette talks about her why and shares some important information about the need for safe sanitary products.

We are also have background appearances from the person that inspired Ilo, Jette’s 1 year old daughter Molly!

Through Ilo Jett is committed to challenging the shame and mystery around our bodies and bodily functions by educating and facilitating an inclusive global dialogue about periods and hormones and how they impact our wellbeing.  Ilo is also space for men to learn about women’s bodies/ hormones and how they work, the aim is for men to be informed about the impact of the menstrual cycle in all its phases.

Jette also shares information about what is in many of the the period products that are widely available, the fat that the sanitary product industry unregulated and what this could mean fo our bodies.  The average person that has periods bleeds for 40 years of their life therefore the sanitary products we put in the most absorbent part of our bodies is crucial.

This was a really informative and inspiring discussion.

You can subscribe to Ilo here and keep up will all things Ilo here.

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