Three Sixty Monologues - Answering your questions


Introducing Three Sixty Monologues.  Solo podcast episodes with me, Tamu Thomas founder of the Three Sixty brand sharing my musings, thoughts and insights with you!


In this inaugural solo episode I answer some questions from instagram as a way to ease myself into this style of podcast.  



How did you make the jump from social work to entrepreneur?


What was the defining moment when you decided to change career path? What are your favourite pieces from both of your collections?


Skincare routine, how did you get into stoicism, what keeps you motivated?


I’d love to know how you set goals and make things happen?


Which platform do you record from? Do you have special equipment?


Tim Ferris Podcast


A Life More Inspired by Nicola Rae Wickham

Rassoul Clay

Bentonite Clay

Rose Water & Glycerine

Snowball ice microphone

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Abundant blessings,