Three Sixty Conversations with Kim De Los Reyes on the joyful flow of unmasking infinite energy.

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Welcome to episode 22!  Today I am joined by international peak performance mentor, host of the Radiant with Kim podcast and founder of Peak RadianceKim De Los Reyes.


Kim comes from a family of highly qualified medical professionals which led her to a career in Emergency Room and Intensive Care Nursing.  She left her career and family legacy and retrained as a coach and mentor specialising in working with high flying professionals to maintain a peak level of performance joyfully.  


In this episode Kim and I talk about shedding layers of familial expectation and stepping away from our masks of identity, role, title, qualifications etc and embracing the real us. Kim shares why stripping back to your rawness is essential for self mastery and ownership.

Kim shared insights gained from her spiritual teachers. For example she shares that we often loose our way in our quest for enlightenment as we believe that a spiritual life leaves no room for the human experience. Kim’s understanding is that our higher selves appreciate that we are human and will make mistakes/ poor choices but does not judge us. This made me think about the ways we limit ourselves with self judgement.

We also talked about stepping out of the shadow of immigrant parent expectations that you will have a ‘profession’ as they moved country for a better life. Kim candidly shared her experience of being asked to leave her university course as she wasn’t getting the squired grades and the relief she felt as this perceived failure gave her the permission she required to follow her own path.

This was a really nourishing conversation.

You can check out Kim’s offerings here and keep up with her on social media here.


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