Three Sixty Conversations with Natalie Costa on mistakes creating room for growth.

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Welcome to part 1 of episode 19!  I am joined by Natalie Costa founder of Power Thoughts which is a teaching, coaching and mindfulness service for children.  Natalie works with children 1-2-1, in schools, in groups online and in person.  She also works with parents helping them to learn how to support their children’s learning.

Our conversation is in two parts.  Part one is Natalie and I, part 2 includes my daughter!  When I told my daughter what Natalie does she immediately shared a number of things she would like to discuss so I thought rather than be a messenger she should join us.  Considering how much my daughter likes to talk and the big presence she has it was interesting to see her so shy and talking in her soft voice!  She also said that I was cringey #parentingwin!

Natalie’s background in teaching led her to setting up her company Power Thoughts as she noticed that there were significant numbers of children that were unable to reach their true potential as they couldn’t manage the ‘big emotions’ that dovetailed ‘failure’.  

Natalie began to see how our focus on ‘success’ instils a message that passing tests and getting answers correct the first time equates to personal value.  Consequently some children deem themselves as a failure because they don’t get the answer right or grasp a new concept the first time.  Natalie has observed some children becoming so anxious, overwhelmed and disconnected from their learning their learning that they stop trying.... does this sound familiar?  

Natalie saw this as an opportunity combine her teaching skills with coaching to support children to understand that mistakes and not understanding things immediately simply means more practice is needed and maybe a different strategy.  Natalie uses her skills to help children learn that their power is not in getting it right the first time, but in learning to understand how they learn and practicing. 

During this discussion Natalie and I also discuss learning to congratulate ourselves and knowing that this is not showing off.  We explore the transition and support required to transition from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset and money beliefs!


Resources mentioned:

Marissa Peer - I am enough 

Playing Big - Tara Mohr

Food Matters TV 

The Brain Warriors Way by Dr Daniel Eamon

Carrie Green - Female Entrepreneur Association  

Nicky Raby

Nicola Washington - Blog post I referred to here

Lucy Sheridan

34mins in I refer to Tyler Perry talking about growing into greatness, the link to the video is here - the part I am referring to is approximately 30 mins in.

Brene Brown - Rumble phase and getting back up

Dr Soph

Ruth Poundwhite on scheduling business meetings with herself

Jay Shetty on learning from failure


Natalie’s mantras:

I am enough

I create presentations and workshops with ease

I am calm 

I am relaxed

I get to do this work

I enjoy creating presentations

I have phenomenal coping skills

There is enough time to get everything done

Natalie has two workshops coming up for children and parents.  She will also have some merchandise available soon!  Sign up to her mailing list here to keep up to date.


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