Three Sixty Conversations with Jo Westwood on the addiction of codependency.

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Welcome to episode 18.  Today I am having a really deep and honest conversation with Jo Westwood on the addiction of codependent relationships. Jo Westwood is, a life coach and author that helps women and men escape from codependency, reclaim their lives with confidence and live Lovingly Fierce©.

Trigger warning, although we do not share any graphic details this conversation is so honest it may be a little confronting for some.  Jo comes from a sincere and loving place AND she does not mince her words, this quote from her website is an indication of the honesty we are talking about:

“I had realised that I needed to love myself first and foremost, and that I needed to start my path to becoming whole, instead of searching for someone else to finally complete me. I even bought myself an engagement ring on that trip - I got committed to myself. 8 months later I married a narcissist.” - Jo Westwood

In this conversation we talked about the nuance of codependent relationships and tackle topics such as trying to manipulate and control people with kindness. Jo also shares tips and insights to assist with recognising the codependency addiction and navigating your way through to healthy fulfilling relationships starting with yourself.

This conversation is honest and real. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Keep up with Jo here and here. Jo has a beautiful self study course called LOVINGLY FIERCE which is available now and she also has limited spots available for 1-2-1 coaching.

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