Three Sixty Conversations with Marsha Powell on inclusive wellness.

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Welcome to episode 16 with Marsha Powell founder of the boutique wellness studio Eve and Grace.

Marsha left her high flying career as a Human Resources partner to open an inclusive non judgemental wellness space in Battersea SW London.  Eve and Grace provides intimate classes where participants are able to experience a high level of care and individual input from the array of highly skilled practitioners.  In this conversation we talk about being black women in wellness spaces, the need for inclusion and our views on why people of colour and black people specifically need to engage in wellness practices. This is a conversation for everyone so please don’t tune out. Inclusion only works when we do stuff together.

Marsha is a real woman if action. She progressed through higher eduction alongside her career and motherhood. She gained a HND, Degree and Masters November 2010 whilst working in HR.

In 2010 Marsha’s mother was tragically diagnosed with gall bladder cancer aged 52 and died within 10 weeks.  We talk about loss, avoiding grief and the impact of the loss of a supportive parent when you are a single parent.  The untimely loss of Marsha’s mother taught her to value the life she has and be present.

This huge loss prompted Marsha to review her life, assess what was important, live life on her own terms and create opportunity for others, as such she set up a charity called BelEve UK in honour of her mother.  BelEve’s core aim is to empower and support young girls to step up into their purpose and feel their worth.

This period of contemplation also led Marsha to take wellness and wellbeing very seriously.  Unfortunately Marsha did not find wellness spaces very inclusive, there seemed to be a particular type of woman in these spaces which left Marsha a confident woman feeling excluded…. So in true Marsha style she decided to set up her own and Eve and Grace was born… ok there is a lot more to it than that but she worked and continues to work to create an oasis of wellness in South West London.

We talk about staying in bed, getting still and allowing ideas, thoughts and plans to flow, the need for black people not to discount themselves and show up for wellness classes as we have a right to take up space and lots more.

People/ things mentioned:

Marsha and her sister’s charity BelEve Uk

Marianne Williamson 

Ngozi E @ngozioffical

Ria Clarke @thedoctormummy

Dee @bump_dancefitness

Statistics on people of colour and physical inactivity

Stats on ethnicity and mental health here and here

Oprah - Super Soul Sundays

The Lean Start Up - Eric Ries

The Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes

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