Three Sixty Conversations with Danae Dade the joy of analogue connection

Welcome to episode 24 where I am talking to Danae Dade. Danae is a vegan baker and caterer her food is life giving, from the divine flavours to the ingredients which sometimes come from her garden.  Danae’s food is a literal extension of her magnetic personality.  In this podcast episode we talk about Danae’s mission to honour our planet and increase our health one plate at a time.  

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Three Sixty Conversations with Wanita Bardouille on taking a chance on yourself.

Welcome to Episode 20!  Today I am joined by one of my best friends and favourite humans, Wanita Bardouille. Wanita is the Northern European Creative Services Director for Ralph Lauren and was recently a finalist in the Black British Business Awards Leadership category, you can read more about that here.

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Three Sixty Conversations with Marsha Powell on inclusive wellness.

Welcome to episode 16 with Marsha Powell founder of the boutique wellness studio Eve and Grace.

Marsha left her high flying career as a Human Resources partner to open an inclusive non judgemental wellness space in Battersea SW London. 

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Three Sixty Conversations with Nicky Raby on playing big in 2019.

Welcome to episode 15 with Nicky Raby, actress, coach helping small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs make their business and life work together like a beautiful blend.  She is also speaker, writer and podcaster using these platforms and her skills to have the conversations she felt were missing from this new path of life, career and business.

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Three Sixty Conversations with Lucy Sheridan on living comparison free.

Welcome to episode 8, where I spend time talking to the worlds first and and only Comparison Coach Lucy Sheridan.  Lucy helps people all over the world go from comparison to #comparisonfree in their life and business through her unique, specialist coaching experiences and events.

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