Everyday Joy Retreat Review

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Cee of family lifestyle blog Hey Is That Me? attended my Everyday Joy Retreat on 09/09/18. She has written about her experience on her blog.

Let me paint more of a picture for you.  Imagine, if you will, being invited to your good friend’s house to hang out for the day and, while you’re there, meeting a few of her other friends (Lisa Bent, qualified Counsellor and founder of Self Central and Nicola Rae Wickham, NLP practitioner, coach and founder of A Life More Inspired) who have also been invited, and talking, openly, about the process from self awareness to self love, understanding your purpose and becoming PowerFULL, giving and getting advice from some of her other friends – a real cross-section of women; some mothers, some not; some employed, some freelance, some SAHM; various backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and stages of life, and realising that you all have loads in common.  Imagine having the time to truly reflect, to the point that you are finally able to address issues that you have buried due to the day-to-day pressures of your life.  Imagine feeling safe enough to cry in front of strangers, without fear of judgement….

You can read the rest of Cee’s post here. Thank you Cee, my heart is FULL!


The Everyday Joy Retreat!

The next Everyday Joy Retreat takes place on 09/02/19. For booking and further information click here. Places are limited!