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Tamu Thomas - Founder

“I am excited to launch and grow the Three Sixty brand. I have spent many years stuck in a cycle of drowning out my inner voice, forcing myself into what ‘they’ said I ‘should’ be doing. Barging, bumping, forcing my way, doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. We know what Albert Einstein said about that! I see this pattern in many women born in the seventies and early eighties, it is symptomatic of a time when we were taught that our value is measured by our output. It’s time to recognise that we are valuable, full stop and create lives where we take time to feel our value. I believe that when we feel our value we evoke a grounding sense of contentment and can appreciate everyday joys that tell us we are living rather than existing”


Introducing Three Sixty.

Three Sixty is a lifestyle brand aimed at busy women in their late 30’s and 40’s that want to simplify life and create space for everyday joy.  The everyday joy that comes from accepting ourselves fully in all our shades from light to dark, our entire 360 degrees.  Working with ourselves rather than against, creating space to notice the beauty of things we overlook in the midst of busyness and the everyday joy that comes from doing the things that light us up.  These things matter, they are the sweet spot of contentment that allow us to live fully.