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What is the Everyday Joy Membership?

This is an exclusive membership group for women that would like to approach their midlife with a grounding sense of joy and fulfilment, but look at their schedules and wonder how?

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This is a space for women that are waking up to the fact that things don't have to remain the way they've become.

I've had too many conversations with women whose lives look good on paper and have a lot to be grateful for according to society but are JUST. NOT. FEELING. IT.  This creates feelings of guilt and shame for wanting more for themselves.  Guilt and shame for knowing that they have more to give and more to receive.

The spark has gone or is waning.  In some cases the spark has never really been there because they've constructed life according to what they should be doing, even when that has meant dimming their light and being confined by someone else's expectations.

Your 'make up' looks beautiful, it nearly blends seamlessly... nearly. But every so often you curiously peep at what lies beneath, such a familiar landscape.  The landmarks are the same, the roads are familiar but have changed direction.  The analogue map became GPRS.  The navigation system changed before your very eyes.  You saw the system rerouting but decided to play it safe follow the path you thought you knew, only to end up back where you started.

If you have recurring moments of "There has got to be more to life than this.  This cannot be it?".  If you have started to wonder who you are beyond your role(s), title(s) and accolades the Everyday Joy membership was created with you in mind.

I have distilled my Social Work experience, Holistic Coaching and Group Facilitation training into a membership group so that I can serve like-minded women more powerfully.

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Do not read further if…

You are happy to make do or are merely seeking ways to feed productivity addiction.  This membership is all about intention.

Although there will be some element of coaching this is not a a coaching programme or counselling service.  It's a thriving ecosystem where women come together to nourish themselves and in turn create a nurturing environment to thrive in tandem with others. 

This is not a #goodvibesonly space, we are taking responsibility for our wholeness, embracing all of our elements and not being defined by them.

This is not a space for you if you are triggered other people's joy. 

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Picture a life where you have space to choose joy without feeling like you are neglecting responsibility.

What would life look like if you felt more energised because you have created a grounding foundation of joy?  A foundation of joy that impacts you from the inside and rippled outward to your outlook, relationships, work and fun, yes FUN remember that!

Imagine yourself recreating the feelings you felt as you created designs on Fashion Wheel or Etch a Sketched with precision right now.

Envisage learning how to slot self-care into your day and make heavy tasks feel manageable.  Or feeling joyful regardless of looming deadlines.

Feel into knowing you have a safe space to discuss issues, celebrate yourself and share the joys you found in the ordinary.  Feel into being able to express your full self without judgement and shame.

Visualise being amongst people and having access to information/ experts that will help you build the momentum necessary to grow at a pace that takes you out of the malaise of your comfort zone because let's face it, it's not comfortable!

Imagine having practical strategies as well as the knowledge so that you are able to implement and become the woman you are destined to be.

What would it feel like to build discipline that feels like a pathway to freedom rather than a punishment?

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Build meaningful relationships with a diverse group of women that are actively seeking ways to flourish and create a life that satisfies them? 

Would you like to be in a space where you can set soulful intentions and be supported by people that will cheer you on and hold you accountable without judgement?

How about accessing live workshops and support that will assist you to implement all the stuff you know but do not feel?

Would you like to learn how to consistently access feelings of joy and calm without the price tag of booking a holiday?  Or learn how to create space to breathe easy without having to escape your reality?

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We will take a seasonal approach to the topics we cover so that we can go deep and wide.

Season 1, Summer begins on Monday 24th June 2019 and ends on 24th September 2019.  We will cover 1 topic per season to ensure we have the time to process and implement without feeling overwhelmed. 

Membership is open for 1 week at the beginning of each season until the membership reaches capacity.  New members will not be added until the beginning of the new season so that the flow of the group is not disrupted mid-topic.

The membership is hosted in a private facebook group.

Season 1 will cover health, as our health is the foundation for everything.  

Month 1 - Hormone health and Nutrition

Month 2 - Sleep and Vitality

Month 3 - Healthy Image and Confidence


Monthly activity:

  • 90min interactive group coaching video workshop and Q&A with me, Tamu Thomas.

  • 90min interactive video workshop and Q&A with an expert regarding the topic of the season.

  • 60min end of month check in with me, Tamu Thomas.

  • Accountability and support.

Group benefits:

  • Growing resource library including worksheets, journal prompts, reading list and other resources.

  • Occasional meet ups.

  • Exclusive audio recordings.

  • Discussion topics.

  • Member only Three Sixty discounts.

  • First to know about Three Sixty events and and product launches.


Enough to keep you on track without overwhelm.

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£22.22 per month.

The equivalent of 73p per day!


This price is a special offer for founder members!

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